This is Riot Restobar

Whether a seasoned Amsterdammer, a new local, or curious traveller, Riot is where culinary surprises and good times collide. Here, people gather for a happie and borrel and to be immersed in the old Jordaan feeling, from the days this historic neighbourhood wasn’t just about the big money yet. When its inhabitants just had each other. Riot honours those who changed Amsterdam into Mokum. It’s the rough edge of life that also tells the story behind the name Riot, since it wasn’t just chosen because it sounds cool (although it does); it’s paying homage to the Potato Riot that shook up the Jordaan during WWI.

The History of Riot

In the throes of WWI, circa 1916, Amsterdam faced food shortages, fierce women from the Jordaan district didn’t accept potato-laden ships entering the city where earmarked for the army, not locals. The Jordaan erupted in a riot between fierce housewives and the police. The Potato Riot embodies the close connection between Amsterdam’s heritage and the potato, which has been used in the Dutch kitchen for centuries. The historical nod to early women’s empowerment inspires Riot, as it also broadcasts strength and rebellion. Riot throws its doors wide open to everyone, but tailors especially for those seeking a laid-back haven for a scrumptious lunch, cosy dinner, or spirited drinks with family, friends, or colleagues. 

Riot Restobar proudly wears the Conscious Hotels badge since it’s part of Conscious Hotel Amsterdam City (The Tire Station).

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Riot Restobar
Riot Restobar